Red Carpet Concierge International Chicago Oscars THE Documentary Awards 2017 By: #ATOC

Red Carpet Concierge International would like to thank the team of Chicago Oscars THE Documentary Awards 2017 for making our 7th annual event a huge success!
It was held at the Penthouse III with approximately 170 guests enjoying the epic evening. They celebrated with an overflow of delicious appetizers, desserts and cocktails while being interviewed and photo shoots throughout the Penthouse floor.
Merle Taylor, our Fashion Director, bought the entire team of designers and their entourages together with ease to deliver an outstanding red carpet show. Merle is also a fashion designer so she knows the way!
The twenty-six nominees for an award were scored virtually by judges from all over the world and the winners received Oscar related statues. They are: Stephen James Turplin- RCCI OVERALL WINNER, Persifre Orlando- Model of the Year, Zahira Al- Best Print Model, Nena Mondonedo Perez- International Cosmetic Producer, Michael Hopkins- Best Hair Designs, Ash Ernesto- Best Body Artist, Keyy Lang- Best Accessories Designs, Annette Evans- Best Designer, Soraya Thiam- Best Actress, Meiling Jin- Best TV Show, Stephen James Tuplin- Best Cinematographer, Berylanne Veronica Lynch- Best Director, Carolina Davis for Best Vocalist& Calynn M. Lawrence- Best Blogger.
Our special guests for the evening were Hussain Ahmed, No Borders Productions, who presented us with a trailer covering his coming attractions, Karen Pride, is the facilitator of the Chicago Independent Artists Network (CIAN). The CIAN is a free, networking group dedicated to keep creative people in Chicago, WORKING in Chicago and Bill E Mixon, author, who gave a reading from “Paris”. "The buildings along the Seine, Sophie thought, reminded her of the old silent movies, where the sound was produced by a piano player and dialog was written in white flowery script across a black background." They were each awarded an Oscar related Statue and spoke briefly about their careers in the Arts and Entertainment field.
Our special guests were introduced by Marcus B. Wolfe Sr. - A.M ' 13, M.S.W. The University of Chicago - Alumni Board of Directors and Hospitality/Events Chair, and Jigar Shah, Director of Chicago South Asian Film Festival.
 Our guests were delighted by our engaging team members:
Amanda Perez, Amy Geister, Blanca Medina, Carmela Rinella, Corey Sanford, Enereida Veronica Lopez, Gloria Dattulo Hafer, Guthrie Bonn├ętt (#ATOC), Guy A Spagnoli, Harold Dennis, Jerree Cardenas, Karen Pride, Ke'Aira Hankerson, LaTonia Edwards, LaTonya Hubbard, Mark Kaczor, Merle Taylor, Nicole Troester, Rachel Palos, Rakaia Jackson, Robert Brooks Jr, Sandii Bautista, Sandra Smith-Doghmi, Staci Foster, Tenisha Brownlee, Tony Long, Tracy Gia Klimes, Travon Christon Printis, Wale Idreez, Zachary Barilow.
We were thrilled to have Blake Alexander entertain us with his fabulous choreographed song and dance and also Princess Ramona who gave a rendition of Shirley Temples “Animal Crackers in my Soup” finishing with a bow worthy of Princess Grace Kelly!
We cannot thank our Little Hollywood Gala’s, LaTonya Edwards enough for the incredible efforts and passion she poured into organizing our new division. And we so appreciate all of the parents who supported their children to take that red carpet walk for the first time!
Princess Ramona Williams, Airic Steele, D'Mariyae Boler, Izeiah Stewart, Jamala Nelson, Jayla Davis, Jorie Rhodes, La'Mya James, Meosha Felton, Miaangelica Melero, Peytyn Herron, Symphanie Steel, Tyrese McClinton-El.
Finally, an enormous thank you to our Chicago community for all of your support, encouragement and participation in so many of our RCCI events, programs, classes and fundraising efforts.
Thank you for supporting Red Carpet Concierge International.

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